My name is Yves Giot. I have been interested in photography since I got my first Nikon film camera at 16 years old. There was something magical in waiting to develop the film and seeing those prints appearing in the dark room I had built in my parents' attic. 

Since then, I have been developing my photographing skills, mainly to capture vacations, landscapes and of course family moments. As my kids grew older and joined sports teams (dance and soccer), I volunteered and became the team photographer. As my photos were appreciated,  soon parents started asking me to do senior portraits and photograph other events.

While this has always been an hobby for me, I realized that I enjoyed the process and found it very rewarding to be able to create memories that families appreciate and will treasure for decades to come. Recently, I decided to bring this passion to the next level and created Yves Giot Photography.

My goal for Yves Giot Photography is to create beautiful images of your family in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I want you to love the pictures we create together so the photoshoot is free with no purchase obligation. You will also receive a complimentary photo for social media to thank you for partnering with me ... but of course if you love the pictures, I will be glad to sell them to you.

Have a look at my work on this website and if you are interested, contact me and we will work together to create some beautiful images.     

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